Then come back home.

A continuation of sorts of my Travel post. Read that first.

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Travel. All day long. All year if that’s what it takes. Travel far and wide.
Soak up all you can. See the sights. Talk to the people. Love where you are.
Travel. Across the country. Across the world. But, for sure, across your mind.
Recognize that God has made you to be exactly who you are. And there’s no need to cover any of that up.
Travel so you know the world. Travel so you know yourself.

And then, come back home.

Return to where you belong. Return for your family. Return for the love.
Return for the hot tears that stream down your face when you see your brother and sister for the first time in three months.
Return for the hugs. The ones that remind you what you have. The ones that make you hold on tight.
Return for the Diet Coke and the jeans and being known. Return because you are loved. Return for rest.
Return with the understanding that you aren’t the same, but neither is where you’re returning to.
Return because coming home brings its own adventure. Return because God has a lesson to teach you where it all began.
Return and trust. That he’s still holding you when things seem boring and life is “normal”.
Return and remember that life isn’t about always being entertained or excited. It’s about being faithful.
Return and remember you’ve still got a purpose. Return but never forget.
Return and get ready. Because your life isn’t over. It has just begun.




If I could give you just one piece of advice, it would be to travel.
If I could tell you one thing, beyond the story of Jesus and His great love for you, it would be to get out of your comfort zone.
It would be to go. Beyond where you’ve been. To places you’ve only heard of. To places you’ve only dreamed of. The ones you first saw in that third grade textbook.
I would tell you to leave. Leave where you’re comfortable. Take that first tiny step. Go ahead. Right now.
Leave your job. Leave your home. Leave your city.
Give up your comfort. Spend all your money. Abandon your lifestyle. Live in a tent under the stars. If that’s what it takes.
Get away. Watch your feet land on a new piece of earth, a thousand miles away or just down the street.
Let your mind spin and your head hurt and the tears flow.
Let your assumptions shatter as you meet the contradictions of your whole way of thinking, your entire way of life.
Travel. Next door or to the next continent. But do it. Now.
Tell your story. Ask people what makes them who they are.
And when you ask, listen. Really listen.
Put the iPhone away. The world will wait. Your life is more than the Instagrammed pictures you’re known for. The person in front of you has a story, and they want to share it right here and now. It could change your life, if you’re listening.
Open your ears. Open your eyes. Breathe in, and recognize who you are. Recognize who they are. A creation of the One who only makes perfection. A product of sin. A product of love.
Travel. To know what makes you feel alive. To strip away your comfort. The things that keep you where you are. The things that keep you from clarity.
Travel. To know love. To know life. To know that America isn’t all there is. But to know that America isn’t all bad either. Travel to understand your blessings. Travel to understand your God.
Travel far and wide. Get real and see life get messy. Travel where you want to go. Travel where you’d rather stay away from. But whatever you do, travel.