Not Goodbye, Just See You Later.

Sometimes you have to get away to remember who you are. 
So I’m taking a writing break. A sabbatical of sorts. 
Which sounds silly because I haven’t posted anything regular here in months. 
But that’s the problem. 
I’m trying and nothing is coming. 
My drafts are full to the brim with half-written honest-to-goodness junk. 
And I need a little time to refresh, turn off, and recharge.
And who knows? With the question answered, (no, no sweet tea in Africa) maybe this is the end of the line for this sweet little spot of mine. 
Maybe it’s long overdue. Or maybe not.
But I need a break from myself.
From telling myself to write. 
From wanting to produce something half decent to share. 
So at least until mid-August, I’m turning it off. No pressure to post. 
Not even allowing myself to open a Word document or click “New Post” just to see what happens.
If my mind needs to whirl, it’ll be the old fashion way, pen to paper in one of my sweet and yet often misplaced journals. 
This won’t be the last you’ll see of me. My sweet little brain needs to write too badly for that. 
So this isn’t goodbye. It’s see you later!
Thanks so much for all of the encouragement that has come through this space of mine over the past two years!


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