Right Now.

Drinking water, in an attempt to get all fit and healthy.
Feeling on the brink of something cool.
Appreciating good people in so many areas of my life.
Reading Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie.
Craving some answers. Come on, God.
Watching a little too much Hulu. Thank you social networking break.
Going a million miles a minute.
Laughing at the goodness of my God.
Eating about the 300th pb&j of this year.
Dreaming big and bold and exciting.
Waiting on God to open and shut doors.
Planning as if it depended on me.
Praying because it depends on Him.
Sleeping better now that I’m home from the weekend. Hotel beds are not fun.
Missing my sister.
Wearing what’s clean. I’m pretty sure some of my laundry has been in the dirty clothes bin for a month. Don’t judge.
Working. And really enjoying my job a whole lot.
Getting ready for this new phase of life to start.
Loving this season of potential.
Acknowledging my inability to be invested in many different areas well.
Enjoying a few more months of college.
Thankful for the past four years.

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