Let’s create.


The closer I get to graduation and the more busy the semester becomes, the more I just want to create. The more I want to pull out my camera and go for a walk or play some piano music (on the iTunes, mind you. Darphins aren’t born with musical skills. Just listen to us try to sing at church.) and paint while I pretend to be able to make glorious music with my fingers. The busier I get, the more I want to become something different that what I am right now. 

And it gets me excited, and it terrifies me. 

The busier I get writing papers and studying Finance and talking about writing styles and grammar mistakes, the more I want to do. The further I want to run from what I’m surrounded with today. From the things that I’m really supposed to be doing. Because I have to graduate in May. Have to. Can’t stay another semester in this place. Because it’d be silly and I’m so close! 

The busier I get, the more intentional I find myself being. To go to sleep earlier so I can get up earlier. To go for a walk each day. I’m almost 37 miles into the “365 miles in 365 days adventure” my mom and I have embarked on. I have to call it an adventure or I’d most likely quit. I’m not really a runner/walker, but it’s making me more intentional about my time. 

And I have to be intentional with my time because of how quickly it seems to be filling up. Let me tell you about my Thursday (because I’m sure you’re dying to hear). Good morning 6:55, walk and pray and eat and get ready, hello Writing Center 9 to 11, lunch, entrepreneurship (best class ever) 12-1:15, swim for an hour from 2:30- 3:30, shower and get ready for Writing Center 4-8pm, dinner somewhere during or after, and home for the first time all day around 9pm. I know some of you adults laugh at my college schedule, but I feel busy and I’m not sure I want to be a real adult if it gets much more hectic than it is now some days.

But I’ve heard it only gets busier from here. From college, I’m talking, because in just a few months, hopefully, I’ll have a real job that requires hours and real adult things. Note the vagueness there because I’m still not sure what real adult things are. No husband or kids here, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be about the same minus the dough coming into my bank account from Dad each month. Unfortunately. But it’ll all work out. I’m sure. 

So back to being intentional. I want to create. New life and breath. A new spring to my step that comes in making things beautiful. And so this month, and the next couple before graduation, you’ll find me, in between the crazy Thursdays, with a paint brush or journal or laptop or notecard creating away.

Join me if you’d like. Make time for something you love today. 



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