Thank You Mr. Postman.

With all these thankfulness posts floating around, I figure I’ll send my thanks out to a rarely appreciated part of our government.

To the US Post Office.

Yes. I sure do love that place. Usually because I love any kind of mail. But lately because they made a process I was dreading, getting my passport renewed, great. The women were so kind and inviting. They made the whole ordeal easy as pie. I blocked out a four hour window of time to get it done (yes, maybe a little much, but I was afraid I’d need the four hours if it was anything like the DMV!). Luckily, it was a breeze, and I was out of there in less than half an hour with everything done. It is a rare treat to have an entire morning with nothing to do. Naturally, I did what all college students would. I took a nap and caught up on some Netflix… I mean, homework.
Thank you, Mr. Postman. I can’t wait ten years to get to do it again!

But why was I getting my passport renewed anyway? I know everyone is dying to know.
Drumroll please…..


December Fifteen through Twenty-Second.
My dad and I are tagging along with another family from First Presbyterian Ocean Springs to deliver gifts for children at two children’s homes in Belize and explore out potential opportunities for after I graduate in May!
I’ve convinced my mom to let me take her DSLR camera, so prepare for an onslaught of pictures coming your way!


**Update** Funny how things work. My passport came in the mail today after posting this last night! It took less than two weeks!


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