Finding Peace.


What does it even mean to have peace?
To be calm and have a sense that everything is going to work out, even if the world is crazy around.
To sit quietly and listen to calming music.
To walk a little slower because is what you’re rushing to really important enough to get you frazzled?
To know that today might be a hard day, but tomorrow is a new one.
To look around and love the ones around you and love them well.
To speak the truth. And then sometimes not speak at all.
I’ve been learning lately to soak in peace, and not just when the world is perfect.
It’s an overwhelming sense of God working in all things.

It’s a focus on the Creator instead of the created.
It comes through piano music while studying, and taking a few minutes to walk home instead of drive.┬áIt’s the simple hymns sung by the choir.
It’s the Christmas spirit. Really beginning to understand it.
The waiting of advent. The striving for something you know you need so desperately.
And then on Christmas morning, that thing, that precious little baby boy, being sent into the world in such an unexpected yet truly wonderful perfection of prophecy.
I’m learning to live in the expectation. I’m learning to live in the perfection.
I’m learning to live in the mystery.

Merry Early Christmas.


Thank You Mr. Postman.

With all these thankfulness posts floating around, I figure I’ll send my thanks out to a rarely appreciated part of our government.

To the US Post Office.

Yes. I sure do love that place. Usually because I love any kind of mail. But lately because they made a process I was dreading, getting my passport renewed, great. The women were so kind and inviting. They made the whole ordeal easy as pie. I blocked out a four hour window of time to get it done (yes, maybe a little much, but I was afraid I’d need the four hours if it was anything like the DMV!). Luckily, it was a breeze, and I was out of there in less than half an hour with everything done. It is a rare treat to have an entire morning with nothing to do. Naturally, I did what all college students would. I took a nap and caught up on some Netflix… I mean, homework.
Thank you, Mr. Postman. I can’t wait ten years to get to do it again!

But why was I getting my passport renewed anyway? I know everyone is dying to know.
Drumroll please…..


December Fifteen through Twenty-Second.
My dad and I are tagging along with another family from First Presbyterian Ocean Springs to deliver gifts for children at two children’s homes in Belize and explore out potential opportunities for after I graduate in May!
I’ve convinced my mom to let me take her DSLR camera, so prepare for an onslaught of pictures coming your way!


**Update** Funny how things work. My passport came in the mail today after posting this last night! It took less than two weeks!