It’s been a few discouraging weeks, so time again for a thankfulness post. (Or ten.)
Instead of doing one big one, I’m going to start an ongoing list of thanks, of sorts.
Think One Thousand Gifts. (And if you haven’t read the book, go get it today.)

1. Home. And its ever changing definition.

Home this week has been my Lawson Street house and a couple hours each day where my head hit the pillow for far too few Z’s. Home is sing-a-longs with Kristen when we’re both too tired to function and a quick dinner with Linda’s spaghetti sauce–frozen and sent 200 miles because she knows there will be days like these. Home is the three hours between Clinton and Ocean Springs in my trusty Saturn. It’s blaring T-Swift, who I should be over but it’s still just not a roadtrip without her. Home is the brown sectional at my parent’s Pine Drive house and not replacing Say Yes to the Dress with the boy shows because they love me. Home is that white clapboard church on Ocean Avenue that you can still see the beach from, reminders of a storm that changed everything. Home is a hug from an old friend’s mom. Home is blue and grey and everything from license plates to cross country bags monogrammed with that OS symbol. Home is the people who understand why Krispy Kreme is sacreligious–those  who have waited outside that little yellow building for a donut and cried when a little girl an entire town prayed for went home to be with Jesus. Home is reminders that everything is not perfect, but that Jesus is there. Home is hard work and being the best and the little brother’s cross country team coming home with four trophies from the weekend meet to prove it. Home is love. Home is where I found Jesus this week.

I hope you have found a home like mine.



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  1. That is really well written and brought some tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do want to read the book One Thousand Gifts.

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