My dad is the best man I know.
He is fun and loving.

He is strong, and he speaks truth.

He’s the kind of man I hope to marry one day.

He’s a fixer. He’s the one I call when my car has trouble, my bank account is low, and I don’t know what to get Mom for mother’s day.

He’s the nicest of our family. My dad sees the best in people.
When the rest of us turn to cynicsm, my dad shows us the light.
He defends those unable to defend themselves.
He points out the good when I try to focus on darkness.

My dad is typically a peace keeper, pointing out the good in every situation.

He’s happy-go-lucky, joyful and fun.

But when it comes to defending his family, my dad is tough.
He acts with wisdom and an understanding of justice.
He rarely gets angry (actually, I can only recall seeing him angry once), but when he does, his anger is righteous.

My dad has always been a picture of Christ in my life. A constant support at all times. He loves our family, friends, community, and even those that aren’t easy to love with a love that is beyond himself. He serves with his whole self and cares very little about self-promotion. My dad loves better than anyone I know. He’s the one who gives our family support but never calls attention to himself.

My dad is the best man I know. (Well, my grandpa is pretty awesome too.)
As the best husband, father, friend, businessman, and community supporter.
He wears many hats, but my favorite is his role as Dad in my life.

Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for.

I love you,


3 thoughts on “Daddy.

  1. That is so sweet, Hallie. I love reading that about my brother. I always knew he would be a good dad. You are so right about how he looks for the good in people and things. And he is happy go lucky and joyful. Thanks for posting that. Happy Father’s Day, Earl!!!

  2. Thanks so much for posting your sweet Father’s message..
    I know your affirming gift means the world to him.
    You are a blessing.
    Love and hugs

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