A Letter to Mom

To my mom. On Mother’s Day 2012.
Since my mom is probably the only one still reading the words I throw into cyberspace, I figure there is no better place to remind her of how awesome she is than on the World Wide Web. Linda Darphin doesn’t get half the credit she deserves from us for being the best mom on the face of the planet.  


You deserve much more than a day to celebrate you.
More than any gift I could buy or card I could choose.
(Although we do have gifts and cards, don’t worry. :])
You deserve a lifetime of days celebrating you. Days full of simple celebration.
Reading books on the back porch and taking care of the chickens.
Checking things off a to-do list and worshipping Jesus in each task.
Or days of elaborate parties thrown just for you.
Ones full of handmade flower arrangements and perfectly placed napkins.
(Although we couldn’t throw half the party that you can.)
You’re the kind of mom that most kids wish they had and I’m so glad God gave to me.

I’m thankful for the love you give.
For the grace you teach.
For the courage you’ve instilled in me and Hannah and Parker and all the other children lucky enough to have been touched by you, but not lucky enough to call you “Mom”.

I’m thankful for your love, even when I haven’t deserved it.

(Which is about every day of my life.)
I’m thankful for your patience. For your ability to see the big picture and point me toward not only good for me, but point me closer to Jesus.
Thankful that you taught us how to live for Him and Him alone.
Thankful you and Dad have taught us how to be good people through your actions and not just your words.
Because it’s easier to be a good person when you know no other way to live. It’s easier to love Jesus when you’re constantly shown His love.

Thankful that you taught us from an early age that we were not made to go along with the crowd.
Thankful for the adventures you have taken us on.
Thankful for the freedom in love you have given.
Thankful for the fun we have had.
Thankful that you don’t follow the rules all the time.
Thankful that you’ve shown this rule following daughter of yours how to have a little fun.
Thankful that we’ve always had a house that people loved to come to.
Thankful that your food has been so consistently good that we still joke about that one bad meal we had in fourth grade.
(But really, Mexican casserole with cornbread instead of tortillas? :])

For the times you’ve laughed when other parents have asked for advice, your hesitation to dole out help to others when sometimes you’re not so sure you’ve done it right yourself. But Mom, you have. Your legacy lives within not only the hearts of the three kids you call your own, but also within the hearts and physical healing and recovery of so many that you’ve helped at home, at work, at church… Children and adults alike from Baton Rouge and Ocean Springs to Belize and Uganda and everywhere in between.

You are more than we could have ever asked for, and I hope that one day I can be half the woman you are.

I love you Mom. Enjoy your day!



2 thoughts on “A Letter to Mom

  1. Hallie, this is a beautiful tribute to your mom. I say Amen! I’ve “seen” Linda be that mother and woman of God.

  2. I haven’t, and pardon me for commenting: but having stumbled on this beautiful post I think there are two very special people here, mother and daughter. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful character with us. Hallie 🙂

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