When we kinda sorta trust.

The following post was supposed to be an email to my boyfriend, and as I wrote it, I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy.

We have bible study every Thursday with the ROS (and me).
Everyone at Rafiki studies the same verses or chapters (school kids, mammas, teachers, guards, ROS, kitchen, etc.) each week. It’s neat.
Anyway, this week we studied Matthew 14-16:12. It’s mostly miracles of Jesus. One thing really stuck out to me and I wanted to share it with you. Two times in this passage there are miracles of Jesus feeding thousands.
Okay, we all know the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a church or sunday school classroom, you know that story. But did you know it wasn’t a one time deal? (Maybe most Christians do, because they’ve actually read the Bible instead of just listening in church like this girl) but I didn’t realize that. For some reason that really hit me.
So, all these people are out in the middle of nowhere and they’re going to go without dinner if something isn’t done. And the disciples say, Jesus, send them away. And Jesus says, no, you feed them. But the disciples don’t have enough even for themselves. And yet they kind of sort of trust that Jesus can do something about it, and he feeds thousands of people… and this wasn’t a one time thing.
I think this really hits me because of where I am. Here in Africa, food is worked for. And if you have to go without one meal, it’s not a huge deal. People are more commonly hungry than not. And people can live without one meal. But the neat thing is that Jesus knew this. He knew that the people could go without one meal and wouldn’t die. Yet, to show how all powerful He is, He takes care of their immediate needs so He can continue to serve their spiritual needs in teaching. And then just a chapter later, He does it all over again, and this time with people He wasn’t even really supposed to be helping, the Gentiles.
God seems to teach me best when I’m in community with other believers. It’s in Bible studies, small groups, church services, and other similiar situations that He seems to speak into me most often. The story of the 5,000 had just been a miracle to me before today. Another show of how powerful God is. More proof that Jesus was the Son of God. And you know, sometimes that’s what we need. We need a reminder or proof of who God is. But I think today, I needed a reminder of how He cares. And He provided just that through a story that I’ve heard a thousand times (and saw once too! Thanks FPCOS Marketplace Bible School drama team for using optical illusions to make bible stories more realistic. Speaking of Marketplace, we should bring that one back. [good thing this is my blog, so i can say what i want, right?]). A story that so often becomes just another show of His power, but really speaks wonders about His character. God wasn’t just concerned about these people’s spiritual bodies, and in all reality, these people probably could have done without one meal. Heck, that might have even been a way for Jesus to show His power in other ways. But instead, He cared about their physical needs and took the little that they gave Him and made it so much more than they could have ever even asked for.
I hope this meant something to someone. He loves you a lot.

p.s. i wasn’t kidding about marketplace. 


One thought on “When we kinda sorta trust.

  1. Hallie,
    Thanks so much for posting these things. It’s so good to read about what God is doing and what He’s teaching you.

    Still praying for you everyday,
    Aunt Susie and Uncle Johnny

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