This little girl in the yellow is named Lillian.

I need to get a better picture of her because she has the most joyful spirit.
Lillian will tell you that she’s turning 9 in December, but it’s more likely that she’s about 12. She came to Rafiki about 3 years ago from a village where both of her parents had died.
She was sick and malnourished when she came to Rafiki, suffering with tape worms and chronic ear infections.
She’s seen huge physical growth (although she’s still tiny for her age) and her health has improved drastically.
Because of reoccurring ear infections that went without treatment before Lil got to Rafiki, she has a hole in her eardrum that has leaked something that looks like snot for a while now. This is dangerous because it could drain into her brain and cause meningitis if it is not kept clear and dry.
After almost two years of treatment and cleaning to dry out the ear and find the problem, she’s having surgery to repair this tomorrow.
It was a problem that the Ugandan ENT did not feel comfortable operating on alone, so he scheduled her for surgery with a group of Canadian ENTs that are in Kampala for two weeks doing as many surgeries as they can on local children with ear problems. A Canadian surgeon will be operating on her with help from her Ugandan doctor.
Pray, if you would, that the surgery goes well, and there are no complications.
More to come about Lillian after surgery.


**Update: Lillian is home from surgery and doing well. She spent one night in the hospital and might return to school tomorrow. She’s hurting but will recover well with very little hearing loss. Thanks so much for the prayers. Continue to pray as her recovery has just begun, and she’s in a lot of pain.


2 thoughts on “Lillian

  1. Your updates are great. It helps us to pray so specifically. Keep them coming. Love the pictures, too. We love you, too, Hallie.

  2. Praying for Lillian, praying for propane & needed provision, praying for you. Just wanted to let you know your church family loves you & has been & will continue to pray faithfully. Those kids are adorable!

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