Happy Independence Uganda!

I love Uganda.
Today was one of those days that the Lord used to remind me of what He’s entrusted to me.
That He has put me in a place that fills my heart’s very desires!
I love to celebrate. I love to see others have fun, and I love to have fun.
In the states, I’m usually too busy making sure everything is going well or caught up in the million things on my to-do list to enjoy a celebration.
But today, God gave to me to just enjoy.
Today was (actually still is) Uganda’s Independence Day,
which just happens to be the kids’ second favorite day of the year.
Second only to Easter.
Yes, this thing is better than Christmas.
And you thought it was just October 8th. Silly you.
Today was fantastic. It was certainly a day of celebration and joy for a country that has endured much.
A soccer game (futbol here), a netball game (a sport kind of comparable to basketball), two group dances (MC, watch out. Follies doesn’t have anything on these kids), a choir, and a FEAST.
Oh, and to top it all off, I got to wear pants. Can you say “Best Day Ever”?
(After a month of only wearing skirts, I needed a good old jean capri day.)
It was wonderful because we got to spend time with the staff of Rafiki and celebrate an important day for the country, kids, and staff.
The sports games were fun, and all the kids came out to watch, even the youngest sat and cheered for the team they wanted to win (or really, for anyone that had the ball.)
The entire staff including teachers and their families came to enjoy a dance show and choir concert put on by the oldest Rafiki children.
The kids had been talking about this meal since we arrived a month ago, so I had an idea that it was going to be good. But I didn’t expect this good. It was arguably the best food I’ve ever eaten. I’ve eaten some good pork ribs in my life, but I don’t think there’s anything in the south quite comparable to what I ate today.
And sitting at a table with 12 beautiful smiling Ugandan girls and a wonderful momma was the cherry on the cake.
I’ve barely done justice to my description of it all, but I wanted to get it written down while it was still fresh on my mind (and in my stomach!).
Enjoy the pictures!



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