If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

This journey started months ago through another blog and another girl. Sitting on a futon in my dorm room at Mississippi College, I read her story, and tears came. In a time I questioned God’s plan for my life as all the glorious plans I had lay broken around me, I heard His voice through Katie Davis’s story. Far away in a land almost unrelatable at the time, He used her story to show me that He isn’t a god who only calls the educated, strong, and ready. He is my God, and His plans for my near future included Uganda. I sat in a Bible study just months before and proclaimed that God’s plans for me weren’t outside of the U.S, ever. That I was proud of people who He did call, but that was for someone else.

Fast forward six months to now and I’m sitting in the Guest House of the Rafiki Training Village outside of the capitol of Uganda. I’ve just gotten back from my first Ugandan church service, and although I’ve been preparing for it for months and months, it’s just starting to hit me that I’m really here. That I have followed through with what God has called me to. That I’m in Africa.

Rafiki is not what you think of when you think of orphans in Africa. There are no starving kids here. These children are thriving. Children that were once orphans, but now have a home and a mother and knowledge of Jesus, their Savior. Rafiki’s goal is not to feed thousands, but to take in and educate and raise up 100 or 102 or however many God provides to improve the future of Africa. They are beautiful. They are still children. They love to play and laugh and love. As I sit in the Guest House, I hear the older boys playing outside. It’s such a cool thing to see children with crazy and unbelievable stories be filled with life and joy like these children are.


Prayer requests:
We’re still getting over jet lag. My mom jokes that she’ll be getting adjusted right as she flies back. Pray for us both to be well rested and have strength throughout the day. Pray for continued safety and for God’s hand to be continuously over us in our time here. The trip here were just about the easiest flights I’ve ever been on.. considering that it was almost a day and a half of travel.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me in this adventure. I’m so excited to be able to share with each and every one of you.I already have more stories than I can type right now. I’ll share them soon on the blog. I would love to hear from you through email at darphin@mc.edu, or we can Skype! hallie.darphin.

Serving Him,


6 thoughts on “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

  1. Praise the Lord for your safe trip. I am excited to hear about your new adventures as you walk with our Lord in the land of Africa. Hallie, know that we will be praying for you and this wonderful mission. Oh yes, did I mention I love the title of your blog?


  2. Hey Hal Pal!
    I am so excited to be reading your blog and having updates from Africa! I hope your migranes keep in check. Rafiki sounds wonderful, but I’m sure Africa is hard. I love ya & am looking forward to updates on their edcation system *hint*hint* 🙂
    Your favorite sibling (I’m owning this title because Parker has yet to comment… therfore, I get priority, right?)

    1. I’m working on a blog on the education system. They’re out of school right now for two weeks and I may be teaching a logic class (isn’t that ironic?) when the next term starts at the beginning of October so I may wait until I have more experience with it. Email me. We’ll set up Skyping. I love you.

  3. Hi Hallie – I received a message from your mom today. I am trying to see if we cannot do something for the orphans as a church either through Operation Christmas Child or another way, whatever everyone there feels is best. Also, I pulled up the Rafiki website and told Kai (my 2nd grader) that you were now in Africa and a little summary of your mom’s email to me about what the children there actually have and about what they get for their birthday. (He just celebrated his 8th, so this was very profound for him). I am going to do my best to keep all of the Sunday School children updated! Please keep me posted as you can. leahethridge@cableone.net
    Finally, my sister, Ellen, spent a year in Guatemala as a Young Adult Volunteer. She loved her time there but she definately had her ups and downs. She is now the Director of Pres. Campus Ministries at the University of AZ. I forwarded her your info so she may try to Skype you/email you. Her last name is Dawson. She definately is someone you can bounce things off of and relate to! Her email address is pcmarizona@gmail.com. Please also feel free to email her. Take care, be safe, and God’s Blessings! Leah Ethridge

    1. Hey Mrs. Leah! Something like Operation Christmas Child sounds like a fabulous idea. Thanks so much for thinking of the kids. I’m not sure what would be best way to do it. The Childcare Director is out of the country right now, so I will talk to her when she returns on Tuesday and get back to you soon. I’d love to hear from your sister. She sounds like she would be a great contact. I’m going to try to get an email out to the church this weekend! Thanks for all you do with the Sunday School children. I loved getting to share with them this summer.

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