It’s been a while. Which is more because after explaining much of the details of why, how, and when pertaining to this trip, I wasn’t thinking there was much to say to the world here. I’ve been doing a lot of getting ready mostly, working a lot at my mom’s physical therapy clinic, and hanging out with the family.

The following post doesn’t really have much to do with Africa. Feel free to skip it. It’s just more what’s been on my mind lately.

This past weekend, I drove up to Clinton to help with orientation at MC.–I love Ocean Springs with my whole heart. It really is my home–However, my heart filled with joy as I pulled onto the Quad. Through this school, Pinelake Church, and the friends that I’ve made in the two years that I’ve been there, God has molded and changed me into a follower instead of just believer in Christ Jesus. It’s a place where I have found that I can be the truest version of who God has called me to be, and I’m working on being that same person elsewhere. Although I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not perfect–I’ve complained along with everyone about the dorm rules, food, and chapel policies–it really is like coming home. So it was so fun to watch as a group of new students walked on campus for the first time as freshmen, getting a little taste of the fun we’ve had that hopefully they’ll experience over the next four years. I’m not typically a super people person but I found myself soaking up just being with the people I’ve lived side by side with the past two years–and the fun, new faces that’ll soon be fixtures on our campus. I’m not sure if it’s because I won’t be there this semester to be with them during Rush Skits, Follies, formals, football games and so much more, but I found myself getting more sentimental than usual. It was such a blessing just to get to spend the small amount of time we had with such a fun group of people.

Normally, I think I would have left a weekend like that with a little resentment that I wasn’t going to get to be there for the fall, but that didn’t happen this time. I left with joy in my heart that I got to spend time with people I love and excitement for the spring semester when I’ll be back with them, but also a very strong sense of encouragement and excitement about what I’ll be doing this semester. I talked to so many people about Africa and what I’ll be doing, and each time I talk with someone else I get even a little more excited. I know–like life at MC–it won’t always be perfect and I’ll probably wonder what the heck I’m doing sometimes, but, also much like life at MC, I know it’s exactly where I am supposed to be and that my heart can’t help but to rejoice when God fills it with the joy of knowing that we are in the exact place that we are supposed to be at each moment in time.

I’m going to start doing a prayer request section, partially to help me put into words my prayers and give the many that have offered to pray for me during this time something more specific. God calls us to prayer, and I want to keep myself accountable that I don’t slack off in prayer and time with the Lord just because I’m “serving” Him in other capacities.

First, and most importantly, for the people of Uganda and Rafiki. That Rafiki continues to be an organization that is led by the Holy Spirit and that God uses it to glorify Himself.
For me specifically, just continued peace and joy about the trip. I’ll be gone three months and one day, and that’s a long time. Also, for me to be able to not attempt to live in two worlds at once. I know God has me in Africa this next semester, and I really need to be able to be fully there. I’ll be staying off Facebook as much as possible to not get caught up and sad about missing out on the day to day activities of people here in the US.
And for the finances of the trip.  Most of the money I make this summer is going towards the trip and I’ve sent out support-type letters. God has already provided so much in so many ways for this trip and I know finances are the same, but I hate dealing with money so I’m praying it goes smoothly and isn’t something that becomes an issue. (I almost didn’t even write this part because I feel weird talking about money. But it’s something that is a reality in life and God cares about it as much as other areas of our lives.)


One thought on “Update!

  1. We are glad to be able to pray for you. Keep us posted on the requests. We’ll pray that God will be glorified daily in the work going on in Uganda for building His kingdom.
    Love you, Aunt Susie

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